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Greetings of Gold

Creative Provisions for Golden Memories

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 About Greetings of Gold

Michele Randolph established Gold Force Administrative Support with the vision of sharing her creativity and accomplished office skills to benefit a diverse market of individuals, businesses, associations and organizations.

Greetings of Gold came to life through the daily interactions she experienced during the start-up and on-going services of her Virtual Assistance business, as well as the many experiences of her personal life.

With the growing number of responsibilities every individual acquires throughout their lives, oftentimes the simplest acts of kindness and thoughtfulness are the acts that fall to the farthest corners of our minds. Sending a birthday, congratulations, holiday, thank you, get well or sympathy card to a relative, friend or client may not happen in a timely manner, or, unfortunately, may not happen at all.

Greetings of Gold was created in 2009 to help you touch the lives of the people who are important to you by providing the ability to act immediately on the thought and need of sending a greeting card to anyone for any and all occasions.

In 2011 wedding invitations and accessories were added to provide new brides-to-be with top-quality wedding supplies to fit every budget. Marketing and promotional products have also been added for individuals and businesses to find commercial-quality custom printed materials at do-it-yourself prices.

"I encourage you to reach out to someone today - let them know they are special!"~ Michele


Established in 2007, and located in
Strasburg OH, Gold Force maintains the highest standards of authentic service through its grounded principles of professional integrity, moral and ethical values, and Christian beliefs.
Greetings of Gold
Gold Force Administrative Support
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Strasburg, OH 44680