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Greetings of Gold

Creative Provisions for Golden Memories

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Personalized Greeting Cards for Individuals and Business

Pick a Card, Personalize, Add a Gift, We Print & Send
Greeting Cards as low as $.62
Click the banner to SENDcards now:

Imagine sending a printed greeting card with a personal message in less than 60 seconds from your computer!
No more driving to the store, standing in the card aisle, sifting through the expensive stock cards, waiting at the cash register, getting home to find you have no stamps, and driving to the post office to mail it -- if you can find it once you are ready to send it on its way!
SendOutCards is a web-based greeting card system created with the purpose of helping people act immediately on a prompting.

Card Senders can quickly log in; select a card; personalize it with a message, photograph, and even their own personal handwriting font and signature; add the recipient address; and hit 'send' - at which point SendOutCards will print, stuff, and mail the card to the recipient of the Senders choice.

With SendOutCards you also have the option to have gifts or gift cards sent along with the card.

The Contact Manager will maintain all of your addresses for easy recall every time; and the Calendar will remind you of upcoming occasions to give you the opportunity to send a card for the perfect arrival time to the recipient.

This system not only offers the recipient a heartfelt expression of emotions, it also gives the Card Sender the positive feelings of expressing their emotions immediately and before the prompting to do so slips from their thoughts.

How Does it Work?

  • Choose your card from thousands in our catalog, or create your own using our photo editor
  • Personalize with your message and photos; as well as using your own handwriting font and signature
  • Choose the recipient from your included contact manager, or add as you send
  • Add a gift if you choose, such as gift cards, gourmet foods, business books/cds/dvds, or seasonal items
  • Click "Send"
  • We Print, Stuff, Stamp, and Mail it within 24 hours!

For less than you’d pay for a greeting card at the store!

Card Costs:

The cost is based on a point system:

Retail Customer points are as low as $0.49 and Wholesale Customers points are $0.31

  • Postcards = One point + $.29 postage
  • Greeting Cards = Two points + $.44 postage
  • Three-Panel Cards = Three points + $.44 postage
  • Picture Uploads add One point

To send Personalized Cards visit

Greetings of Gold
Gold Force Administrative Support
Phone: 330-754-2099
Fax: 330-754-2091
PO Box 198
Strasburg, OH 44680

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